Goodies Section

I have made an effort to collate alot of the good stuff and put in here. Note that some of the content here are hosted outside of this server and may not be available for download. If this is the case, please let me know by emailing me at

The reason behind being is that the file sizes of these files are quite huge. Even if I have a 100gb limit on disk space, bandwidth wise it is not cost effective, thus, I am giving you download links from third party drive storage services instead (Most of the games in here are linked to their official download sources with notable exceptions [Marked with a *])

Linux versions of the games listed in here are mostly provided in AppImages. That way people who download it from here will be able to play it in a portable fashion. Only SuperTuxKart does not have an AppImage version but contains a zipped file instead.

Versions are indicated if it is of a lower version than the latest stable release

Games Category

Game Name Platform Genre Link
OpenRedAlert Multiplatform Real Time Strategy
SuperTuxKart Multiplatform Racing
Battle for Wesnoth Multiplatform Turn Based Strategy
SuperTux Multiplatform Platformer

Utility Category

File Name Type Link
Handwritten Letter Recognition Neural Network
Image Similarity Finder Image Processing
Video Summarizer Image & Video Processing
Customized Programming Language Automata / Compiler Theory
Introduction to image processing to a statistician Conference