Here is the list of projects that I started and I had worked on. Some of it are discontinued but I still planned to continue it on the future. Here's a quick table of the projects currently listed on this site. Just click on the name to automatically be redirected to the section of this page you want to go to.

Name Type
Dragon Slayer Game
Robo-JS Game
s2sc.js Tool
Zero Engine Engine

Dragon Slayer (Text Based Game)

A solo-project of mine that I've developed as my final project on my CS120 (Introduction to Programming) class that aims to recreate the old rpg feel that games like Ultima had provide.

Status: Dropped

Robo.js (Github Link)

This game is made as a direct inspiration from an activity from my master's class in theory of programming languages. In the activity, we where tasked to create a script base on the specified op-codes of the robot.

The idea is to game-ify this activity by adding levels and extra functionalities that the original script did not have.

Status: Ongoing

s2sc.js (Github Link)

A javascript code convertion framework that aims to connect other programming languages to web browsers by interpreting codes from a programming language then converting it to another programming language.

Status: Ongoing

Zero Engine

A 2d game engine that aims to make developing a 2d game easier by doing templates and drag and drop functionality

Status: Hiatus (Planning to do an HTML5 Rewrite)