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Publish Date Article Name Description
2021-09-08 The viability of gaming in virtual machines on 2021

Many have asked if playing games in a virtual machine is a worthwhile experience. Let us explore this question with the technology we have in 2021.

2021-07-08 My opinions on Windows 11 hardware requirements

Unfortunately Microsoft went with a new gimmick for this version by implementing hardware requirements for the first time. What is Microsoft planning to achieve? Is it worth it to upgrade hardware just so you can use Windows 11? Let us discuss.

2021-03-27 The state of Linux gaming in 2021

Originally Linux only had a few games a decade ago, how far have we come?

2021-03-16 Using BSNES as a fun way to stress test your machine

Instead of using Prime95, why not use something else as a means to stress test? Is BSNES a reliable way to stress test your machine? Let us find out.

2021-02-11 Is GNU/Linux really insecure?

In this article, I am sharing my insights on an article written by Madaidan, who is a lead developer of Whonix. where in the said article is discussing the security problems Linux has and are those concerns enough for someone to stupid using Linux as their daily driver.